Many of our veterans returning home from combat have experienced a tragic loss of limb or limbs. In addition to the medical treatment they have already received, Patriots Honor wants to provide these brave men and women with the finest state-of-the-art robotic prosthetics to allow them to enjoy all facets of life, including recreational activities. Our goal is to help them adapt to today’s lifestyles, work industry and sports challenges with the best prosthetics available.

Patriots Honor is working with Hanger Clinic, the United States leading provider of prosthetics and orthotics, to provide our veterans with state-of- the art prosthetics and orthotics. It is through the ever-expanding world of new prosthetic technologies that our veterans are able to be active participants in life and to enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence. Relatively few activities are completely “off limits” to our injured veterans who combine intense personal motivation with cutting-edge prosthetic technology. From elite competitors to young, aspiring athletes, Hanger Clinic patients have excelled in a myriad of athletic endeavors. Others have achieved success and personal records at running tracks, basketball courts, golf courses, swimming pools and many other sports.

We at Patriots Honor strive to enhance our veterans’ everyday lifestyle with this advanced technology. With hundreds of locations in 48 states, veterans requiring these advanced prosthetics could easily receive this service through Patriots Honor Prosthetic 4 Patriots program. Through our program, Hanger Clinic will make sure every needed veteran will get care from the most appropriate clinician.

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